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Our ordering & loyalty app

We want to make your experience at the Larder as easy and enjoyable as possible which is why our new app has been designed with just that in mind. From ordering & paying for your favourite menu items directly via your phone and collecting loyalty points to having quick access to all the Larder information you might need at your fingertips, we hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

Here’s a guide to get you started:

The first step is to find the Larder app in your store and install it onto your phone, you can then access the following features:

  • Collecting loyalty points – when ordering a hot drink simply pass your phone to one of our friendly baristas who will add a stamp to your digital loyalty card. Once you’ve received 10 stamps you are entitled to a free hot drink of your choice, simply show your card to the barista and they will redeem the stamps for you – please don’t click ‘redeem’ yourself or the points will disappear! Please note that loyalty points are only available for app orders.
  • Making an order – for your first order, you will need to set up an account and enter your payment details (you will only need to do this once). Choose the correct location from the bottom of the main menu, you will then be able to select a section of the venue’s menu and scroll down to see the items. Order away, (customise your order if offered) then click ‘add to order’. If you have customised an item click ‘close’ when done and you can add other items, (don’t click the left arrow at the top or you will exit your order).
  • Collecting your order – once you’ve completed the order just pick your desired time for the order to be ready, click the soonest time if you would like it ‘as quick as possible’! Note that if the café is busy you will still face a short wait, the same as if you’d come to the till to order. The most important thing to ensure smooth service is the ‘additional order requirements’ box. If you are ordering a takeaway for collection, please give the name you would like to be called by (if different from your account name), and please enter ‘WILL COLLECT’.
  • Receiving an order at your table – if you are ordering from the table, use the ‘additional order requirements’ box to enter the table number (if there is one on your table), or give a description so the team can find you, for example ‘SITTING OUTSIDE, RED COAT’ or ‘SITTING ON SOFA’ and again include your name if different from the account name.
  • Payment Security – all payments, both card and PayPal, are processed by Braintree Payments. Braintree are a PCI compliant payment processing company that is part of the PayPal Group. All card details and PayPal information is encrypted and held securely by Braintree payments. Neither we, nor our technology partner Bar Pass Limited, have access to, or store any of this information. For further information on Braintree Payments and security click this link

Thank you for your patience as we develop the app and make adjustments to suit your needs. Please do contact us with any feedback you may have. We are looking for anyone willing to help us trial the app and will happily offer you 20% off your first order to say thank you – please email: