About the Larder


the Larder


Coffee shop and whole foods kitchen

So what is the Larder?

We’re a coffee shop, kitchen and events caterer.  We use top quality coffee beans, ethically sourced, and we make our food from scratch using whole food ingredients.

That’s it?  Aren’t you going to save the planet too?

We certainly do our bit – we want to be sustainable but we also want to survive, which means pragmatic choices.  Where we use local produce, green cleaning products and biodegradable disposables these all come at a price, which ultimately our customers pay, and in a cost of living crisis we need to ensure our customers are still able to buy what we sell.  We aim to be as sustainable as possible whilst keeping prices realistic.

What about charitable works?

We leave that to charities, we’re a coffee shop.

Are you supporting the community?

Our community is in great shape, and we’ll continue serving them great coffee.  The local council have an annual budget of one billion pounds so they can pick up any slack.

What about rehabilitating ex-convicts, helping the homeless and tackling mental health?

Best left to the experts, we’re a coffee shop.

But surely you’re going to kill the baddies and get the girl?

No, that’s James Bond you’re thinking of.

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