Bottoms up! Welcome to the Larder Beer Club

Bottoms up! Welcome to the Larder Beer Club

At the Larder we’re big fans of picnic season, so as usual, this summer we’ve got our Deli stocked up with all your key on-the-go artisan goodies – cheeses, vegan sweet treats, savoury bakes, sourdough sandwiches, kids picnic bags and… beer.

To celebrate the summer, we’ve launched a new June beer offer (buy 4 get your 5th free) accompanied by the Larder Beer Club – led by Wanstead manager Paul. With his expert palate and tried and tested tasting notes, he’s picked out four must try beers from our local and internationally sourced beer collection.

Here’s his top recommendations for the summer…

Tiny Rebel – Cwtch – Red Ale 4.6%

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The Brewery: The youngest and only Welsh brewery to ever win the coveted Champion Beer of Britain award, Tiny Rebel is a super tasty beer brewer from Newport. Like the packaging of their distinctive cans, the independent brewery is  all about fun, creativity, relaxation and of course, rebelliousness.

Tasting notes: A delicious copper coloured ale from South Wales. Expect a rich caramel and malty flavour with a subtle bitter hop finish.

Why you’ll love it: It really does feel like a big Welsh cuddle or “Cwtch”…  smooth and warming.

Drink this with…  Monties or Isle of mull. Salt crystals in the cheese are the perfect companion for a sweet/savoury pairing.

Gun – Numb angel, Lager 4%

the larder 231 e1560447557210 1024x683 - Bottoms up! Welcome to the Larder Beer ClubThe Brewery: What we love about Sussex-based Gun Brewery (apart from their beer of course!) is their eco-friendly values. Their team generate energy from solar, use a wood powered burner for heating and feed the local livestock on their 140 acre grounds with spent grains. All the water used for brewing comes from a spring deep below their organically farmed land and is microfiltered and UV treated rather than chemically processed.

Tasting notes: Light, bright and blonde, this is a classic Helles style lager. Muted hops and malts give a crisp refreshing taste that’s ideal for the summer.

Why you’ll love it: There’s a lot of gluten-free options out there on the market but this brew stands out with absolutely no compromise on taste.

Drink this with… our Sourdough Reuben. It’s a great accompaniment to salty, peppered beef and sharp pickle.

Brew York – Goose Willis 5.6%

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The Brewery: Located within York’s historic city walls, the quirkily naked Brew York is known for creating ‘out there’ seasonal and limited edition beers alongside its core range of six brews. Since first launching its unique riverside brewery and Taproom in 2016, it’s gone on to bag some awards, make a name for itself on the beer festival circuit and win over a load of fans and followers.

Tasting notes: A lip-smacking hazy blonde beer. Juicy tropical fruit flavours from Nelson Sauvin hops cut through with a sharp green fruit flavour from gooseberry purée. Best to drink this one as cold as possible.

Why you’ll love it: It’s a perky vibrant alternative to rich, heady ales.

Drink this with… a Smoked Mackerel salad. Its citrus hit is made for rich oily fish and earthy beetroot.

Signature – Backstage IPA 5.6%the larder 245 1024x684 - Bottoms up! Welcome to the Larder Beer Club

The Brewery:  ‘Brewing with music’ is the Signature Brewery motto, so as well as winning SIBA’s highly prestigious Brewery Business of the Year award, it’s no surprise that they are the world’s number one brewery for band collaboration beers, having brewed over 20 renowned artists including alt-J, Mogwai, Frank Turner, Rodney P and Enter Shikari.

With beers as tasty as they are cool and a big emphasis on craftsmanship, artistry and passion, the brewery has received praise in publications including Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Kerrang!, NME, MTV, The Independent and Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch.

Tasting notes: Expect a delicious biscuity smell upon opening the can, followed by orange and tropical fruit flavours with a slightly peppery, bittersweet finish.

Why you’ll love it: It’s full flavoured and brewed just down the road!

Drink this with… Chorizo Manchego Ciabatta. It goes really well with the spice of the chorizo.

Our buy 4 get your 5th beer free offer is available now until the end of June at the Larder Wanstead.