In the Larder with… Mother’s Ruin

In the Larder with… Mother’s Ruin

Since the day we first opened the doors of our Wanstead coffee shop in 2007, we’ve proudly championed the Larder’s collection of local artisan producers. If we can’t make something in our kitchen, we go on the hunt for a supplier who shares our dedication to high quality, fresh ingredients. Each of these artisans has their own unique story that adds something special to the Larder experience.

So that you can get to know the amazing people behind the goods on our shelves, we’re introducing a monthly supplier Q&A – kicking off with Becky Griffiths. The mastermind behind Mother’s Ruin gin, Becky also collaborated with the Larder to produce ‘One Tree’ – a limited edition damson gin created using damsons picked from a single tree outside our Butlers Retreat coffee shop.

From the origins of Mother’s Ruin to her favourite local haunts, here’s Becky Griffiths…

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1. Tell us how Mother’s Ruin started and why it’s special?

I started making sloe and damson gin for friends using a recipe given to me by my mother and then graduated to a little stall in Wood St market. I had no idea if it would work or not but I think I got lucky with the whole re-emergence of people’s desire to eat and drink things that are made locally – and also the great gin revival!

I’m also obsessed with ingredients and grow or forage a lot of the fruit that I use. This really stems from my very rural childhood on a small hill farm in Ireland. I have always felt a very strong connection to the land as the source for what we eat and drink and I wanted to keep this link alive in my urban life . Mother’s Ruin is a simple expression of this. A product that has its roots in the landscape around us -which was why it was so lovely to do the ‘One Tree’ Damson gin batch in collaboration with The Larder.

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2. What’s your favourite Mother’s Ruin cocktail?

It changes with the season but currently I am enjoying our Veggnog – vegan eggnog. It’s made with our new Old Tom gin, King’s Ginger liqueur, Oatly oatmilk (the barista version) and some nutmeg and cinnamon. All shaken up hard to make it frothy and creamy – yum!

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3. What’s your favourite Larder breakfast order?

I’m quite hardcore with my coffee – so double espresso please! Day to day I eat porridge with apricots so for a blow out treat breakfast it’s got to be the pancakes with maple syrup. Deee–flippin’-licious.

4. What book would we find you reading while sipping on your coffee?

I just finished The Essex Serpent a really great book by Sarah Perry or there’s the Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart, a sort of source books of all sorts of plants used in the production of alcohol.

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5. Can you list 5 local heroes, businesses or finds that you love.

There are so many great local businesses to choose from. I love all my neighbours here at Ravenswood. Pillars making great lager, God’s Own Junkyard’s neon wonderland, The Real Al distributing craft cider – they all count as one, because we work together where we can. Then I love the Kings of Cheese -Froth and Rind on Orford Rd, Walthamstow Dogs the pop up hot dog guy, Gigi’s on Wood St selling vintage clothes for their fabulous customer service, and Colvin’s on Wood St – the hardware store who literally have everything!

mothersruin - In the Larder with… Mother’s Ruin

You can get your hands on our collection of Mother’s Ruin gin at our Wanstead coffee shop and follow Becky @mothersruine17 for more ginspiration.