At the Larder our aim is to deliver consistently high-quality coffee, food and ambience, whilst always providing exceptional customer service.

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We look for motivated individuals at all levels who will add value to the business, and can offer structured progression for those looking to broaden their skills and advance within the company.

We offer a range of positions at the Larder in Wanstead and the Larder at Butler’s Retreat in Chingford.  Our postcodes are E11 2AA and E4 7QH, please check that travel to our locations is feasible before considering applying.  Note that we are open daytimes, seven days a week, so require candidates who are flexible with which days of the week they can work, though can often accommodate work-life needs if well communicated.  We cannot offer positions that  are morning only, or afternoon only, and we are not usually open in the evenings.  We occasionally have positions that could work around child-care responsibilities, for example working 9.30am to 2.30pm or similar.

Our teams are small, diverse and friendly, so we only look for people with calm temperaments and the ability to work well with others.  We do not tolerate swearing in our kitchens or intolerance of any sort.  If you have temper issues or a fear of working hard, please do not apply.

Our hiring needs vary over time, so to enquire about current vacancies please email attaching your up to date CV.  In your email please include answers to the following questions:

  • Why would you be a good addition to our team?
  • Which team are you interested in joining, Wanstead or Chingford?
  • What role are you enquiring about (manager/supervisor, barista, serving assistant, chef or kitchen assistant)?
  • What work pattern are you looking for (full-time or part-time)?  If part-time be clear how many days per week you are looking for.
  • Which days of the week, if any, do you have existing commitments and are not able to work (we open 7 days per week)?
  • When are you available for interview?
  • When are you available to start work if hired?
  • Are you looking for an ongoing permanent position, or a position for a set period?  For example if you are looking for work just over summer, or until a certain time when you have future plans for study or travel.

By answering all these questions we will be able to know if there is a suitable position and will be able to give you a quick response.

We take your data security seriously, and are GDPR compliant. To see our job applicant privacy notice please click here.